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                                    Be Your Most Reliable Sourcing Partner in China

Be Your Most Reliable Sourcing office in China!

With knowing us rich experences in China diamond tool and floor preparation industy, at the beginning of 2020, some of our foreign customers asked for a sourcing service to continue their supply chain in China because the covi-19 blocked the travel  and the result is win-win between both sides.With the volume of the sourcing service increasing, we dicided to set up a new sourcing section at the end of 2020. 


Our Sourcing Process

Receiving your details needs: In your email, please 

  • Briefly introduce your company;
  • Describe your needs ( order quantity, key concerns, urgency, technical specification, etc.)
  • In format such as PDF if attach the drawings.

▶Request for a Quote

  • ​We provide you with 2-3 quotes from Multiple suppliers in 1-3 days!

▶Production and Quality Control

  • We are your China partner to manage order​ and push for on-time finish.
  • Preshipment Inspection and provide inspection photos and reports.


Questiona and Answ​​ers

▶Do I pay more working with you compared with going straight to the suppliers? 

  • The answer is "NO", in some ways, you end up paying less working with us!

  1. Many factories don't deal with foreign buyer directly, they are represented by agent.
  2. Many factories do hanve their own export section, however,the person you reach only can speak English without any technical background.
  3. we know how to control quality and minimized your business risks, you will notice that using us is more efficient than dealing with factories directly.

▶What is your role if the goods is not sufficient quality?

  • We will manage problem solving on behalf of you,normally, we play a lubrication role between buyer and supplier to have a working relationship and avoid gridlock.

▶Can I come visit the factory after Covi-19 epidemic?

  • Sure, we can provide support of translator, scheduling and transportation between hotel and supplier. 

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