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What is a concrete scarifier cutter

What is a concrete scarifier cutter

Concrete scarifier cutter blade can be used to remove concrete and asphalt,expoxy floor.


concrete scarifier cutter blade

Concrete scarifier cutter material

The material is usually alloy structural steel, which is processed by CNC lathe to make sure the same size. The hardness reaches about 48HRC after heat treatment. The cutter teeth is carbide alloy processed from tungsten carbide and cobalt metal.


Concrete scarifier cutter classification

Concrete scarifier cutter is a quick-wear parts. The tungsten cutter is categorized  embedded cemented carbide cutter blades (5 teeth, 6 teeth, eight teeth, etc.) and integral cemented carbide cutter blades.


A. The embedded cemented carbide scarifier cutter has 5 teeth, 6 teeth, eight teeth, 12 teeth, sixteen teeth and 24 teeth. The form of cutter pin is cylindrical, sharp teeth and rectangular strip.


B. The cutter hole diameter is decided by way of the diameter of the scarifier cutter shaft. The hole diameter of the cutter is usually 4-6mm larger than the diameter of the cutter shaft to make certain that there is a certain gap between the cutter and the cutter shaft after assembly.


C. The round cutter is on the whole used for scarifying floors, cement and asphalt pavements. The scarifying depth is deep, and the floor after scarifying is rough.


D. The rectangular cutter is  primarily used for scarifying, removing road traffic markings and hot melt paint on the ground. The scarifying depth is shallow, and the floor after scarifying is flat.



Wah does a concrete scarifier cutter do?

Below is concrete scarifier cutter application:

1. Plane concrete floor, asphalt floor, epoxy resin floor, wear-resistant floor or lightly planing the ground;

2. Remove the floor coating, paint, and a variety of road markings; when the floor is damaged and the dirt wants to be refurbished;

3. Remove the epoxy floor surface, etc.


In current years, with the wishes of construction, the working width of concrete scarifying equipment has reached 320mm. Most of them are outfitted with 6 cutter shafts and 200 cutters. The cutters are 6-8 points cemented carbide cutters, and the planer machine weight is about 130kg. Otherwise, the scarifying overall performance is very poor. It is relevant to the scarifying treatment of a large vary of floor, the cleansing  of the signal line of the concrete pavement, the roughening and leveling remedy of the concrete floor, bridge deck and pavement, and the cleansing of the historic coating on the floor.


If you desire to scarifying deeper and faster, the scarifier need to be outfitted with energy of greater 20 horsepower. Of course, this high-power scarifying machine is no longer hand pushed. Its ahead and backward are  pushed by means of hydraulic motor, and the cutter is 12-24 points big cutter. The maximum depth of scarifying asphalt pavement can attain 20mm / every time, and scarifying C50 cement concrete pavement can attain 10mm / every time.


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