GDT 4 inch diamond grinding cup wheel floor grinding wheel
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GDT 4 inch diamond grinding cup wheel floor grinding wheel


4inch diamond grinding cup wheel,4-inch floor grinding wheel,100mm concrete epoxy grinding cup wheel,4inch cement floor grinding cup wheel

4inch diamond grinding cup wheel

4-inch floor grinding wheel

100mm concrete epoxy grinding cup wheel

  • High quality 4inches diamond grinding wheel / floor grinding wheel / stone grinding wheel / sintered grinding wheel

  • 4inches diamond grinding cup wheel diameter:ext:Φ100mm, hole:Φ20mm

  • 4inches diamond grinding cup wheel depth: 7mm (diamond segment depth:5.2mm),12 teeth

  • Application:4-inch diamond grinding cup wheels are usually mounted on concrete grinders to grind such as concrete, granite, marble and some other stones.Diamond grinding wheels come in different types and sizes to cater to different application needs, and are commonly used to sand concrete, stone, as well as paints, glues, epoxy resins and other floor coatings.

  • GDT diamond grinding cup wheel advantages:

    1. High heat resistance and compression resistance, long service life;

    2. Suitable for fast grinding concrete surface;

    3. Convenient and fast use, fast grinding speed, stable quality and high work efficiency;

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