GDT diamond wire saw blade for stone granite mining and reinforce concrete cutting
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GDT diamond wire saw blade for stone granite mining and reinforce concrete cutting


diamond wire saw blade for marble stone,granite mining,and reinforce concrete cutting

        • Name:   diamond wire saw blade / diamond cable rope saw


        • The GDT diamond wire saws with different sizes can be used for mining, cutting, slotting all types of granite,reinforce concretes and stones.

        • The diamond wire saw can reduce the waste of mine resources, dust-free, noise-free, protected and reliable,good cutting ability and high efficiency. The rubber of the diamond saw can guard the metal wire well and enlarge the energy of the wire saw. Wire saw with rubber is normally used to mine calcareous stones.

        • 1、 GDT diamond wire saw features and advantages:

          1) Large area cutting can be carried out, and the blank are regular;

          2) High yield and much less waste of mine resources;

          3) High cutting efficiency;

          4) Safe and reliable, noise free and dust free, environmentally friendly mining;

          5) The complete cutting cost is low.

        • Other information:

        • 1. Regularly check the rotation of the wire and adjust it in time

        • 2. Regularly checkt the wear of beads to avoid eccentric wear. Once eccentric wear occurs, measures need to be taken in time.

        • 3. Regularly checkt the wear of the joint and the beads at each ends of the joint, and replace the joint in time.

        • 4. The tension of wire is commonly 250-300kg( Φ 4-5mm metal wire)

        • 5. The linear speed of wire saw shall be adjusted in accordance to different stone types:

        • Grade 1-2 granite: 25-30m / S

        • Grade 3-4 granite: 22-26m / S

        • Grade 5 granite: 20-24m / S

        • Marble: 30-45m / S

        • Abrasive rock: 30-35 M / S

        • 6. At the initial cutting stage of the new wire saw, its linear speed should be 2-3m / s lower than that mentioned above.

        • The water quantity needed is normally 12-25L / min.

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