GDT floor surface diamond scraper for floor surface removal
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GDT floor surface diamond scraper for floor surface removal


floor surface diamond scraper for floor surface removal

floor surface diamond scraper

  • High quality diamond composite epoxy floor grinding blade/scraper 

  • Mesh size/ Grit size: 6# 16# 20# 30# 50# 100# 200# 400#

  • The diamond epoxy floor grinding blade/scraper  is mainly used for grinding epoxy, rubber and paint on concrete and terrazzo floor. It can also be used for basic processing before leveling, rough grinding and polishing of granite, marble and other stone floor. It can remove hard epoxy, acetylene and other attachments on the surface. 

  • Using PCD cutter blades and higher cutter blades design, the blades life is longer. The uniform distribution of round strip diamond grinding blade/scraper  makes the process of refurbishment have the advantages of high efficiency, strong grinding force, not easy to crack edge, long life. It is suitable for all kinds of grinding machines and refurbishing machines.

  • Our characteristics and advantages:

    1. High heat resistance and compression resistance, life is longer;

    2. Many kinds of cutter blades are especially suitable for finishing concrete surface with fast grinding machine;

    3. Easy to use, fast grinding speed, stable quality and high efficiency;

    4. Various specifications can be customized according to customers' requirements;

    5. Factory price, high cost performance, low comprehensive cost.

floor surface diamond scraper

floor surface diamond scraper

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