GDT scarifier drums shaft planer drum spindles
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GDT scarifier drums shaft planer drum spindles


concrete scarifier drum shaft planer drum spindle and pavement grinder cutters drum bar

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shafts of concrete scarifier drum

  • Material: Alloy with hardening and coating. 

  • size: standard in China 16mm D x276mm Length

             Customized is available

  • Designed for leveling, grinding, cleaning, grooving, milling, and concrete asphalt or coating floor surface preparation with the Scarifier/Planer. Also great for removing pavement markings, epoxy, paint, and waterproofing membranes. 

  • Performance is verified by using on number of top name brands for floor preparation grinding, milling and scarifying 

  • For a customized/ tailor-made size, please inform us your specification.


shafts of concrete scarifier drum

GDT China scarifier drum spindle and planer drum shafts are good for these brands and Models:

Airtec                Arrow            Aurand

Bartells                   Blastrac           Bobcat

BW Manufacturing              Cimline           Contec

CrafcoEdco                  General           Graco

Husqvarna                   KutRite              Marathon

Mark-Rite                   MK                 PM Eraser

Ranjo                      Road Pro             Sase

Schibeci                    Stowe               Swanston

Target                     Tennant           Von Arx

Wirtgen And more!

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